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Windows Phone Mango to support SharePoint 2010 without UAG

Windows Phone Mango

SharePoint 2010

Microsoft released a developer beta of the next Windows Phone update codename “Mango” last week. Mango brings a lot of cool new features to the Windows Phone platform like Facebook and Windows Live Messenger chat integrated in the Messaging hub, Internet Explorer 9 and a lot of other improvements.

One of the smaller improvements is the capability to use SharePoint 2010 without a UAG (Forefront Unified Access Gateway). This will alow you to use Hosted SharePoint products like the offering from Genotec.

More about Windows Phone Mango:

Powershell: How to connect to Office 365 with Powershell

Powershell Header

You can simply manage and administrate Office 365 from your Powershell prompt or with your own Powershell scripts.


Here is how you can connect to Office 365 with Windows PowerShell:

First create a object with your Windows Live Credentials. This command will open a Windows in which you can enter your Windows Live Credentials for your Office365 Accout. In my case [email protected] and my password.

$LiveCred = Get-Credential

You can open a new Session:

$Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri https://ps.outlook.com/powershell/ -Credential $LiveCred -Authentication Basic -AllowRedirection

Now join the session with:

Import-PSSession $Session

To close the Session:

Remove-PSSession $Session

Now if you join the PS session with Enter-PSSession you can now work online and run commands like Get-User. More about working with Powershell and Office 365 in the next posts.

SharePoint 2010 Workflow states are grayed out

When you try to create a three-state workflow in SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Foundation 2010, the state fields are maybe grayed out like in this screenshot below.

three-state workflow in SharePoint 2010The reason for this is that there is no column to show the states for the documents of the document library. You can simply solve this issue, by adding the “choice” column to the document library.

  1. Choose the document library in which you wanna create the workflow and click on the Library button in the Ribbon
  2. Click on create Column
    three-state workflow in SharePoint 2010
  3. Choose the type “Choice” and make sure you add three states
    three-state workflow in SharePoint 2010
  4. Now these states are available in the three-state workflow.

How to use Microsoft Document Connection for Mac with Genotec Hosted Sharepoint

Some days ago, I made a post about “How to use Microsoft Sharepoint Workspace 2010 with Genotec Hosted Sharepoint“. If you work on a Mac you can also use Microsoft Document Connection for Mac, which is included in Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac.

This shows you how you can use Document Connection for Mac with Hosted Sharepoint from Genotec.

  1. Start Microsoft Document Connection and connect to a SharePoint Site
    Microsoft Document Connect
  2. Add the  Addresse of your hosted Sharepoint Site
    Microsoft Document Connect
  3. Add your Credentials
    Microsoft Document Connect
  4. And now you are connected to your Site Collection
    Microsoft Document Connect

How to use Sharepoint Workspace 2010 with Genotec Hosted Sharepoint

This guide will show you how to add a Genotec Hosted Sharepoint 2010 to your Sharepoint Workspace 2010.

  1. First Startup Microsoft Sharepoint Workspace 2010
    Sharepoint Workspace 2010
  2. Add a new Sharepoint to your Sharepoint Workspace
    Microsoft Sharepoint Workspace 2010
  3. Add the Domain of your hosted Sharepoint (sharepointhosting.ch, Hostedsharepoint.ch or your own Domainname)
    Microsoft Sharepoint Workspace 2010
  4. Add your User Account and Password. Its Important that you add the Domain before your Username (CP\username)
    Microsoft Sharepoint Workspace 2010
  5. Now wait until your Site is synced with your computer
    Microsoft Sharepoint Workspace 2010
  6. Now you can see your Sharepoint Site Collection in the Launchbar and you can start working with Microsoft SharePoint Workspace.
    Microsoft Sharepoint Workspace 2010

Thats how you can connect a Genotec Hosted Sharepoint 2010 to your Sharepoint Workspace. I recommend that you use the “Remember my credentials” checkbox because your computer is not in the same Active Directory Domain.

Sharepoint 2010: Upload Multiple Documents button grayed out – This control is currently disabled

In the last days we had a customer ticket which was escalated because a user in our Hosted Sharepoint 2010 environment had the following problem. He could not upload multiple documents because the button was grayed out and he got the message “This control is currently disabled”.

Sharepoint 2010 multiple=

This is a feature which is a client integration component, which is available on machines with a installed Office 2010 client. So if you have a Windows 7 PC and Office 2010 installed you get the following:

  1. The first time you navigate on the Document Library you get asked about a ActiveX Control Object
    Sharepoint 2010 Document Library
  2. You can accept that
    Sharepoint 2010 Document Library
  3. Maybe you get asked again
    Sharepoint 2010 Document Library
  4. Now you can use the Upload Multiple Documents ButtonSharepoint 2010 Document Library
  5. And choose the Office Files
    Sharepoint 2010 Document Library

I found this solution in the technet forums