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Windows Phone Mango to support SharePoint 2010 without UAG

Microsoft, Office 365, Windows, Windows Phone • 3 Comments

Microsoft released a developer beta of the next Windows Phone update codename “Mango”...
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Powershell: How to connect to Office 365 with Powershell

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Office 365 • 5 Comments

You can simply manage and administrate Office 365 from your Powershell prompt or with your own Powershell scripts. Here is how you can...
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SharePoint 2010 Workflow states are grayed out

Microsoft, Office 365, Windows Server • 2 Comments

When you try to create a three-state workflow in SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Foundation 2010,...
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How to use Microsoft Document Connection for Mac with Genotec Hosted Sharepoint

Apple, Hosting, Microsoft, Office 365

Some days ago, I made a post about “How to use Microsoft Sharepoint Workspace 2010 with Genotec Hosted Sharepoint“. If you work...
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How to use Sharepoint Workspace 2010 with Genotec Hosted Sharepoint

Microsoft, Office 365 • One Comment

This guide will show you how to add a Genotec Hosted Sharepoint 2010 to your Sharepoint Workspace 2010. First Startup Microsoft Sharepoint...
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Sharepoint 2010: Upload Multiple Documents button grayed out – This control is currently disabled

Hosting, Microsoft, Office 365, Windows Server • 3 Comments

In the last days we had a customer ticket which was escalated because a user in our Hosted...
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How to Backup a Sharepoint 2010 Site Collection with Powershell

Hosting, Microsoft, Office 365, PowerShell, System Center, Windows Server

Okay for a real backup solution you should use a backup software like Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager or Symantec Backup...
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Powershell: Create a new Sharepoint 2010 WebApplication and Site collection

Microsoft, Office 365, PowerShell, Windows Server • 16 Comments

Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 is one of the new products which supports Windows Powershell commands. Its really easy to do the most tasks you...
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Overview: SharePoint 2010 Service Applications

Microsoft, Office 365 • One Comment

A lot of people wanna use Access or Excel Services with Sharepoint 2010. But this is only possible...
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