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Speaking at PDCConf 2021

Microsoft Azure, PowerShell, Speaking, Thomas Maurer

I am happy and honored to speak at this year’s PDC Conf 2021. PDC stands for PowerShell DevOps and Cloud and is the largest...
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Speaking at Cloud Summit 2021

Microsoft Azure, Speaking, Thomas Maurer

I am happy to let you know that I will be speaking at this year’s Cloud Summit 2021! Cloud Summit 2021 is one of the largest virtual...
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Hyper-V Nested virtualization for AMD processors

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Windows, Windows Server • One Comment

Windows Server 2022 just became generally available last week with a ton of great improvements in security, hybrid cloud management, and...
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Windows Server 2022 is generally available

Microsoft, Windows Server • 4 Comments

Today Microsoft just announced the general availability of Windows Server 2022. Windows Server 2022 adds a lot of improvements to the...
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Azure Arc enabled Data services video series

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure

With Azure Arc we are not just allowing you to use the Azure control plane to manage resources like servers and Kubernetes clusters outside...
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Azure Webinar: Bring Cloud Value to Your Windows Server Anywhere

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Windows Server

Windows Server and Azure are great platforms for your applications, and it gets even better when you combine them in a hybrid cloud...
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Hyper-V host already registered to Azure Recovery Vault Error

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure

If you are setting up Azure Migrate on your Hyper-V host to replicate virtual machines to Azure, you will need to install the Hyper-V...
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Windows Server Summit – First look at Windows Server 2022

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Windows Server • One Comment

I am happy to let you know that you can get a first in-depth look at Windows Server 2022 at the upcoming Windows Server Summit. The Windows...
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Install Azure Tools using WinGet

Microsoft Azure, Windows

Sometimes you need to set up a fresh developer or admin workstation with all the latest Azure tools available. I created a quick list of...
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