Check if network connectivity for Azure Arc Connected Machine Agent is blocked

Microsoft Azure

To onboard a server to Azure Arc, you will need to install the Azure Connected Machine Agent, which...
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CTRL+ALT+AZURE Podcast Exploring Azure Arc with Thomas Maurer

Microsoft Azure, Speaking, Thomas Maurer

This week I was on the CTRL+ALT+AZURE podcast hosted by Tobias Zimmergen & Jussi Roine to talk about Hybrid Cloud and Azure Arc. 080...
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Install Windows Terminal on Windows Server 2022

Windows Server

Currently, you can test Windows Server 2022 by installing the latest preview builds (Like Windows Server Preview Build 20344). As you might...
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Passed SC-900 Microsoft Security Compliance and Identity Fundamentals

Certification, Microsoft, Microsoft Azure

Yesterday it was time for me to take another Microsoft certification exam. This time it was one of...
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The Azure Arc Connected Machine Agent (Azcmagent)

Microsoft Azure • One Comment

Azure Arc enabled servers allows you to add on-premises servers or servers running on another cloud provider. The onboarding is done by...
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Getting started and Learn PowerShell on Microsoft Learn!


I remember running my first commands and building my first automation using Windows PowerShell back in 2006. Since...
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Listed in the Whizlabs Top Global Cloud Thought Leaders and Next Generation Leaders of 2021

Awards, Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Thomas Maurer

I am happy and honored to be listed in the Whizlabs 150+ Top Global Cloud Thought Leaders and Next...
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