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My Home Office Setup 2020 – How does yours look like?

Home Office Setup 2020

A couple of days ago, Microsoft and other companies recommended that people work from home (if they can) due to the Corona disease (COVID-19). Since I am part of a remote team, I work mostly from home when I am not traveling, and so let me share my home office setup 2020 with you. I did share my home office setup already in 2018 after we just moved. Since then, I have upgraded my home office with a couple of new things, which I believe make working from home even more productive and enjoyable.

This is it, this is my Home Office Setup in 2020

Here is a quick view at my desk setup:

  • I am pretty sure that the most essential piece of every desk setup is the desk. The desk I got from muuv.ch made out of bamboo, and it lets me convert it to a standing desk, and It also has some cool features for cable management.
  • My Main machine today ist the 15-inch Surface Laptop 3 attached to a Dell curved-ultrawide monitor (Dell UltraSharp 38 Monitor – U3818DW). To make out the most of an ultra-widescreen, I recommend that you check out the FancyZones feature in the PowerToys.
  • As my secondary devices, I also use a Surface Pro X, which I mostly use on the road when I need a real mobile work machine. I also have a couple of other devices from the company, which I use to access so some of the corporate resources or run some test builds. The new Surface Pro X is also convenient when I used the Surface Pen to draw something quickly or as a timer for webinars and webcasts.
  • I am using a lot of Surface accessories like the Surface Precision Mouse (which is by far my favorite mouse), the Surface Pen, the Surface Dial, and the Microsoft Modern Keyboard with FringerprintID and Windows Hello support.
  • The clock under my screen is a LaMetric Time smart clock, which is internet-connected and allows you to install a couple of different apps.
  • For my audio and video setup, I am using the super comfortable Surface Headphones, a Blue Yeti Microphone, and a Logitech BRIO webcam.
  • I also added a couple of IKEA shelves to get some additional storage.
  • For the light, I am using a Philips Hue. I am a massive fan of the LED light stripes, which allow me to added some indirect light in the room. Hue not just lets me change the color, it also allows me to change the light temperature based on the time of the day.

Networking and lab:

A couple of days ago, I upgraded my networking gear from an AmpliFi home router and access point to an UniFi Dream Machine from Ubiquiti. The reasons for that are that the Dream Machines gives you a couple of more advanced features and security options, but still in a simple and elegant looking box that you can keep in the living room.

UniFi Dream Machine

UniFi Dream Machine

As you know, I work a lot of Azure, Windows Server, Hyper-V, and Azure Hybrid services. To make this all work, I need a small on-prem server is necessary. A while ago, I decided to build a Windows Server lab using an Intel NUC. The great thing about the Intel NUC is that it can run up to 64GB of memory, and most of the time, you can’t hear any fans, except for patch-day ;).

Intel NUC Windows Server

Intel NUC Windows Server

With that, you had a sneak peek of my home office setup in 2020, how does yours look like? Feel free to respond on Twitter or here in the blog comments with some pictures of your home office setup.

If you want to learn more about how to work from home, I recommend a blog by Aidan Finn. Also, check out Jessica Deen about here home office setup.

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