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Windows Server 2012: SMB 2.2 is now SMB 3.0

Last September at the Build Conference, Microsoft announced a new version of SMB (Server Message Block protocol), at this time the new Version was called SMB 2.2. Now some days ago at MMS 2012 (Microsoft Management Summit 2012) Microsoft announced the new name of the next generation server operating system, Windows Server 2012.

Now with this change and the Windows Server Team announced on their blog that the new name of the Server Message Block protocol will be SMB 3.0.

I think this makes totally sence, because the Team did a lot of work and this Version of SMB is a Major release.

Some of the new function of SMB 3.0 available in Windows Server 2012:

  • SMB for Server Applications
  • Active file sharing with SMB Scale Out
  • Scalable, fast, and efficient storage access with SMB Direct
  • Fast data transfers and network fault tolerance with SMB Multichannel
  • VSS for SMB file shares
  • Transparent Failover and node fault tolerance with SMB
  • Secure data transfer with SMB encryption
  • Faster access to documents over high latency networks with SMB Directory Leasing

You can get more Information about SMB 3.0 here:

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