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Speaking at the Midwest Management Summit 2016 – Interview

MMS Midwest Management Summit

Last year at the  Midwest Management Summit 2015 (MMS 2015) I had the chance to speak the second time at this event. In 2016 I am proud to announce that I will speak at the Midwest Management Summit 2016. This is the thired time I will speak at MMS, and together with Miike Ressler from Veeam Software I will speak about what’s new in Hyper-V 2016 and Nano Server.

The Midwest Management Summit is a 3-day conference purposely capped to just 600 attendees so that nobody gets lost in the crowd. Speakers have time to meet and talk to you. No rushing people out of a session to get the next speaker going. Time to absorb what you see and talk it over with speakers and other attendees. A true learning experience. Real networking. Real-life issues discussed.

This week I had the honor to speak with Lee Berg about my upcoming sessions at MMS 2016, where I will talk about Hyper-V, Nano Server, Containers and a lot of other great stuff.

The Midwest Management Summit 2016 will be held from 17-19. May in the Mall of America.

MMS 2015

[cta title=”Nano Server – The Future of Windows Server” button=”Register” link=”http://mmsmoa.com/”]Nano Server is the future of Windows Server. With Nano Server Microsoft created the foundation for Windows Server for the next 20 year. In this session you will get an overview about Nano Server and see some great live demos how you can deploy, manage and operate Nano Server.[/cta]

[cta title=”What’s new in Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V” button=”Register” link=”http://mmsmoa.com/”]With the next version of Microsoft hypervisor Microsoft released some great new features for your Cloud infrastructure. Come to this session to get the details of all the new stuff that is in Hyper-V and learn about how you can play with it “hands-on.” This session includes also the latest updates from the Technical Previews.[/cta]

[cta title=”Nano Server and Containers better together!” button=”Register” link=”http://mmsmoa.com/”]With Windows Server 2016 Microsoft build the future for Windows Server. With Nano Server and Containers Microsoft created the concept of a cloud ready operating system. In this session you will get an overview about Nano Server and Containers.[/cta]

Here the intervie


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