Windows Azure: General Availability of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

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Today Microsoft announced the General Availability of the Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service offering. This includes the new Virtual Machine and Virtual Network capabilities. This release is now live in production, backed by an enterprise SLA, supported by Microsoft Support, and is ready to use for production apps.

Today’s IaaS release also includes new enhancements:

  • VM Image Templates (including SQL Server, BizTalk Server, and SharePoint images)
  • VM Sizes (including Larger Memory Machines)
  • VM Prices (reduced prices 21%-33% for IaaS and PaaS VMs)

Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service allows you to create Virtual Machine and Virtual Networks hosted by the Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud. I already created a blog post how you can create new Virtual Machines in Windows Azure and how you can connect System Center App Controller to manage your Private Cloud as well as your Public Cloud hosted in Windows Azure.

New Windows Azure Virtual Machine Compute Pricing

Below are the new hourly on-demand rates for Windows Azure Virtual Machines:

Size Name# of CPU CoresMemoryWindows VM PricingLinux VM Pricing
ExtraSmallShared768 MB$0.02 per hour$0.02 per hour
Small11.75 GB$0.09 per hour$0.06 per hour
Medium23.5 GB$0.18 per hour$0.12 per hour
Large47 GB$0.36 per hour$0.24 per hour
ExtraLarge814 GB$0.72 per hour$0.48 per hour
A6428 GB$1.02 per hour$0.82 per hour
A7856 GB$2.04 per hour$1.64 per hour


Note that the above prices are for hourly on-demand usage (meaning there is no commitment to use them for more than an hour and you pay only for what you consume).  Complete pricing details for Windows Azure Virtual Machines can be found here.

Commitment Pricing Discounts

You can also optionally take advantage of our 6 Month and 12 Month commitment plans to obtain significant discounts on the standard pay as you go rates.  With a commitment plan you commit to spend a certain amount of money each month and in return we give you a discount on any Windows Azure resource you use that money on (and the more money you commit to use the bigger the discount we give).

You can get more information on the blog post from Scott Guthrie or the Windows Azure homepage.