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Office 365 – How to connect with Powershell

office365 powershell

In Office 365 you can do and automate a lot with Windows Powershell. Now this small post shows you how you can connect to Office 365 with Powershell.

  1. Install the Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant
  2. Install the Microsoft Online Services Module for Windows PowerShell
  3. Open Powershell and import the MsOnline Module or use the desktop shortcut which was created by the installer.
    Import-Module MsOnline
  4. Connect to your Microsoft Office 365 account

    Use your Office 365 LiveID to login (for example [email protected])

  5. Now you can start working with Windows Powershell in your Office 365 account, if you need some more help about the available Powershell cmdlets you can list them with
    Get-Command -Module MsOnline

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