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Write PowerShell Online using Visual Studio Codespaces

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, PowerShell, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code • 4 Comments

Last week the Visual Studio Services team announced a new service called Visual Studio Codespaces....
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How to use PowerShell ISE Mode in Visual Studio Code

Microsoft, PowerShell, Visual Studio Code, Windows • 4 Comments

If you are writing PowerShell code, you might have realized that there weren’t really improvements to the PowerShell Integrated...
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What’s new in PowerShell 7

Microsoft, PowerShell, Windows • 6 Comments

As you know, the PowerShell team just released the new PowerShell version called PowerShell 7. PowerShell 7 will brings a couple of new...
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Copy Files to Azure VM using PowerShell Remoting

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, PowerShell, Virtualization, Windows, Windows Server • One Comment

There are a couple of different cases you want to copy files to Azure virtual machines. To copy...
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How to Install and Update PowerShell 6

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, PowerShell, Thomas Maurer, Windows, Windows Server • 7 Comments

Today Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019 ship with Windows PowerShell 5.1 as the default version. PowerShell Core 6 is a new edition of...
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Update PowerShellGet and PackageManagement

Microsoft, PowerShell, Windows, Windows Server • 8 Comments

Since I am just setting up a new work machine, I wanted to share some information how you can update PowerShellGet and PackageManagement to...
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Windows and PowerShell support for SSH

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, PowerShell, Virtualization, Windows, Windows Server

One of the biggest request Microsoft got from customers in terms of PowerShell was that customers...
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