Powershell iTunes v1

Powershell iTunesIn the last days I worked with Powershell and ComObjects. It turned out that iTunes is a really good exmaple for using ComObjects with Powershell, thats why I wrote this little Script.
Powershell iTunes is a Powershell script which lets you control iTunes over Powershell.


  1. Download Powershellitunes.zip
  2. Extract the Files where ever you wanna save the powershell script
  3. Run the script
    Powershell iTunes
  4. Now you can run the Powershell Cmdlets

Powershell iTunes Commands:

  • Start-iTunes
  • Close-iTunes
  • Play-Track
  • Pause-Track
  • Resume-Track
  • Back-Track
  • Next-Track
  • Mute-Track
  • Unmute-Track
  • Show-iTunesVersion
  • Set-VolumeDown
  • Set-VolumeUp
  • Set-Volume

The Script:

I released this here: https://www.thomasmaurer.ch/projects/powershell-itunes/