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Video Recording: Azure Architecture Best Practices

Video Recording Azure Architecture Best Practices

The video recording from the free online event where I was presenting together with Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect, Dominik Zemp, about Azure Architecture Best Practices is now available. In this session, you will learn about proven guidance that’s designed to help you, architect, create and implement the business and technology strategies necessary for your organization to succeed in the cloud. It provides best practices, documentation, and tools that cloud architects, IT professionals, and business decision-makers need to successfully achieve their short- and long-term objectives. We will be focusing on topics like the Cloud Adoption Framework and the new Enterprise-Scale landing zone architecture.

Azure Architecture Best Practices Virtual Event Agenda:

  • Introduction
  • Why Azure Architecture?
  • Introduction to the Cloud Adoption Framework
  • What is Enterprise-Scale?
    • Build landing zones with Enterprise-Scale
    • Critical design areas
    • Deployment using AzOps
    • Demo
  • Build on top of Enterprise-Scale – Well-Architected Framework for workloads and apps
  • Q&A

Azure Architecture Best Practices Virtual Event Video Recording

Important Links:

You can find some of the links mentioned in the video here:

About the Speakers

Dominik Zemp (Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect)

Dominik Zemp is a Cloud Solution Architect working with Global Swiss financial customers and has been working at Microsoft since 2008. Before Dominik changed role in late 2015, he worked as a Security and Identity Consultant in the Microsoft Services organization. Dominik’s focus areas are applications and infrastructure, including cloud-native applications, networking, and security. Dominik holds a Bachelor’s degree in IT with a Specialization in software systems.

Thomas Maurer (Microsoft Senior Cloud Advocate)

Thomas works as a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. He engages with the community and customers around the world to share his knowledge and collect feedback to improve the Azure cloud platform. Prior to joining the Azure engineering team (Cloud + AI), Thomas was a Lead Architect and Microsoft MVP, to help architect, implement and promote Microsoft cloud technology. If you want to know more about Thomas, check out his blog: www.thomasmaurer.ch and Twitter: www.twitter.com/thomasmaurer

Azure Solutions Architect Certification

AZ-304 Study Guide Azure Architect Design Exam Study Guide

AZ-304 Study Guide Azure Architect Design Exam Study Guide

Also, check out my exam study guides to achieve the Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Certification:

I hope you enjoyed the video recording of our Azure Best Practices virtual event. If you want to learn more about Azure, check out my blog post How to learn Microsoft Azure in 2020, and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.

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