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The Birth of the Cloud and Datacenter Management Group


Finally I have time to write about this. We invested a couple of hours in 2013 and at the beginning of 2014. We are proud to officially launch the Cloud and Datacenter Management User Group short CDM.UG. The user group is focused on Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter technologies based on Windows Server, System Center, Hyper-V and Windows Azure. The goal of such a community is to bring Cloud technology enthusiasts together to share knowledge and learn from each other. The Cloud and Datacenter Management User Group offers several ways to spread the words and share knowledge, from local event over to online Lync sessions over to the our community platform in Yammer.

CDM.UG will start taking free registrations in a couple of minutes. Becoming a member of the Could and Datacenter Management User Group is easy, just go and the CDM.UG website and register for free. After you have registered you will get an invite to the closed Yammer group.

At this point I have to thank Marcel Zehner and Stefan Roth which are working on this community project and of course the community itself, with all the people and great minds out there, which share their knowledge day after day. Another thanks goes to Microsoft Switzerland, without their support such a project would not really be possible.



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