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itnetx Cireson Advanced Send Mail for Service Manager 2012 and 2012 R2

Advanced Send Mail Itnetx Cireson

Today itnetx and Cireson, the creator of many, many great System Center extensions released a new Management Pack for System Center Service Manager called “Advanced Send Mail for Service Manager 2012 and 2012 R2” for free. Advanced Send Mail allows you to directly send mails from the Service Manager Console. For example this can be used get more information from the users or forward a mail to a third person. Every mail gets logged in the Action Log of the incidents so you can also see what’s going on and no data and information gets lost. And there are a lot more things you should know about the itnetx Cireson Advanced Send Mail app:

It is very simple to deploy and configure. It does not require any XML editing.
Analysts can attach files to the outbound email.
The analyst can choose a notification template, see the content of the message body based on the template and change the text before sending the email.
The analyst can optionally add the message body to the action log of the incident automatically.
The analyst can add additional recipients to the To or CC before sending the email.
The admin can configure an SMTP server to use to send the email.
The admin can filter the list of available notification templates based on a naming convention.


Check out the Cireson homepage for more information or get the Advanced Send Mail directly from the itnetx homepage.



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