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Windows PPTP VPN with Cisco Linksys RV042

Cisco Linksys RV042

Today I was setting up my little lab, I decided to create a Windows PPTP VPN for my lab network which should give me more comfort. First I installed the Network Policy and Access Services Role and did the configuration. I also enabled PPTP Passthrough, added a port forwarding and a firewall rule to my Cisco Linksys RV042. I know the RV042 is not really a big deal, but you have a lot of jobs and if you don’t really need a lot of network options, like me in my lab, this is a pretty cool device.

I now tested the VPN Connection with my Windows 7 Client. Error 800 and 807 which basically means no connection through the firewalls with the VPN Server.

I checked again the Firewall Configuration on my RV042, and could not found any mistake. After a quick search with Google and Bing ;-) I saw a lot of posts with the same problem and the Linksys RV042.

After some search I came to a solution, I deactivated the SPI Firewall on the Device, and this caused the problem. After activating the SPI Firewall again, the error was gone and the VPN worked.

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