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VMware Fusion: wouldn’t it be great…

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As a Windows System Administrator who works on Macs, Virtualization is a really esencial thing. I love to work with VMware Fusion and his Unity Mode, and I of course some other great features Fusion provides. So I had some thoughts about the next version of VMware Fusion.

Wouldn’t it be great if…

  • there would be an iPhone App to start and shut down VM’s and maybe some other small things like watching the performance… (really interessting feature if you use VMware Fusion for Server Virtualization)
  • Something like an Advanced View for some administrator features…
  • One of the Advanced things could be a monitoring for the performace of the virtual maschines
  • SNMP and SMTP features for monitoring maybe also something for the iPhone App and the Push notificationservice of Apple.
  • better performace, especially if you run more than one VM at the same time and of course the overall performace of Fusion.
  • visual effects, I really loved the turn around effect in Fusion 1 or was it paralles 3?
  • V2P and P2V, creat a Bootcamp Partition out of a VM and back with some simple clicks
  • Support for Microsoft VHD Files, maybe not best performance but working…
  • Templates, creat templates for diffrend Operating Systems, so you can setup a new VM really fast
  • Screen-Capture Tool for creating documentations
  • OpenGL Support
  • A powersafe mode for VM’s on a notebook
  • Mounting virtual disks in OS X
  • cloning VM’s (not just copy past)
  • up to 8 processors per VM (Mac Pro’s and Xserve)
  • creating virtual networks, closed from the real networks, for test environments
  • Change Settings on a running virtual machine, and take these settings after reboot
  • OpenCL, CUDA, ATI Stream Support (Snow Leopard)
  • OpenCL, CUDA, ATI Stream could be great for Import VM’s

Don’t get me wrong, I really love the easy and simple view of VMware Fusion, but I would love to see more advanced features.

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