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My first year with Windows Phone


Exactly one year ago I got my first Windows Phone. Since then a lot has change and Windows Phone has really improved.

After the first update, called NoDo, I could leave my iPhone 4 behind and change to the HTC 7 Trophy. Of course the hardware was nowhere near the iPhone 4 but the Windows Phone OS was just great. Now one year later there is a lot of good Windows Phone hardware out there and the Windows Phone OS has improved with Mango.

I am sure there will be a lot more great Windows Phone stuff in the future.

Windows Phone HTC TITAN



HP iPrint iOS App

HP iPrint 3.0

Yesterday Hewlett-Packard released iPrint version 3.0. And this is a perfect App for printing and scanning documents directly from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. You can print to HP Network Printers or USB Printers. For example printers which are connected with the Apple Airport Extreme or Express USB port.

What’s New In Version 3.0

  • Print PDF and text documents
  • Native iPad resolution & user interface for enhanced iPad viewing and use
  • Document Support – View and wirelessly print attachments (text and PDF files) from mail clients and apps compatible with iOS “Document Support” feature (requires iPad and/or iPhone iOS 4)
  • WebDAV – Turns your device into a wireless flash drive. Copy documents directly from your PC or Mac to/from your device and take them with you
  • File Sharing support – When connected via USB cable, transfer documents to iPad & iPhone (iOS 4) from PC or Mac
  • Scan to device – Scan photos & documents wirelessly from HP e-All-in-One printers to iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad)
  • Available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish

Here you can find a list of printers which are supported with HP iPrint 3.0:

DreamOn (Dreambox Remote) Update

Pulse-O-Meter released an update for DreamOn (DreamOn is an Dreambox Remote App for iOS) and they added support for the iPad. I think this is one of the best iOS apps for a Dreambox.

Here some Features:

  • Full featured remote control
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for all services
  • Zapping (support for User-Bouquets)
  • Timer management (Create, Edit, Delete)
  • Movielist (View or delete recorded movies)
  • SMS (Send shortmessages to the TV-Screen)
  • Control the Dreambox (Standby, Reboot etc.)
  • Manage configuration of several dreamboxes
  • iPad Support

Here some Screenshots iPhone:

My Bumper arrived

iPhone 4 Bumper

My iPhone 4 Bumper just arrived. I didn’t really like iPhone cases and things like that. I used my iPhone, my iPhone 3G and my iPhone 3GS without any cases, but the Apple Bumper for the iPhone 4 looks nice.

GForge gets support for iOS

Good news for GForge users. GForge gets mobile support for iPhone and iPad. This was something I missed for a long time. This will make working with GForge even better.


Here is the Blog post:

We are currently developing a client GForge Application for one of the most popular mobile devices platforms, iPhone and iPad. GForge mobile application will have the following features:

  • User management
  • Project Browser
  • Tracker Browser
  • Tracker Item View and Modification
  • Tracker Item Creation

Fast communication and information sharing are the keystones of GForge tools. Today’s mobile devices and smart phones provide a new way to take these two features to a higher level, allowing people to stay in touch even while they are on the road or away from a regular computer.

Since GForge Community opinions and feedback has been always very important for us we would like to know what other cool features you would like to see on this release.

Still love my iPad


I still love my iPad. Now I really start to work with it. It keeps my life simple and easy.

First I start with a daily briefing with my todos (Things) and events for today. I also read a lot of news with my Google Reader app (Newsrack) which also syncs with my iPhone, so I always see whats new around the tech world.

Through the day I need it to get quick information about tech or other stuff. I also use it for social networks like facebook, twitter and so on.

iPad iTap RDP

With Apps like iTap RDP I can use it to control Windows Server in our Datacenter and create and read notes with Evernote. There is also a pretty cool Powershell Guide for the iPhone and the iPad called iPowershell.

iPadAt home I use it as a Remote Controller for iTunes, my Dreambox and other things. And if I have a moment i don’t need it, I use it as a Picture frame.

Important to note, the iPad does not replace my notebook or my iPhone, but there are a lot of new things, I never thought about I could do this way.

iOS 4.1 beta 2 calendar invites

iOS 4.1 beta 2 with calendar invites

Apple just released iOS 4.1 beta 2. After some testing I found something I was looking for in every release. In iOS 4.1 beta 2 you can now send calendar invites to other people by creating a new event.