Tag: Windows Server 2012 R2

Learn about Windows Server Cluster Functional Levels

Microsoft, Virtualization, Windows Server • 4 Comments

A couple of weeks ago, I released a blog post about Hyper-V VM Configuration versions to give an...
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Install SNMP on Windows Server Core

Microsoft, Windows, Windows Server • 5 Comments

If you run Windows Server as Core Installation, like Windows Server 2016 Core or any Microsoft Hyper-V Server edition and you want to use...
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Install FTP Server on Windows Server

Microsoft, PowerShell, Windows, Windows Server • 3 Comments

Windows Server has IIS build in, which also offers an FTP server option. The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is still a very popular protocol...
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Windows Server 2019 In-place Upgrade

Microsoft, Virtualization, Windows Server • 23 Comments

As another part of my series for Windows Server 2019, this blog post covers the in-place upgrade...
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Open website from PowerShell

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, PowerShell, Windows, Windows Server • 7 Comments

If you want to directly open a website from the PowerShell console, you can use the Start-Process cmdlet. This will open the website in the...
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Verify installed Windows Azure Pack version

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, PowerShell, System Center, Virtualization, Windows Server

If you want to check which version of Windows Azure Pack is installed or if you want to find out which Update Rollup of Windows Azure Pack...
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Secure your Hyper-V environment with 5nine Cloud Security 8.1

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, PowerShell, System Center, Uncategorized, Virtualization, Windows Server

In the past years I was building several Hyper-V environments together with Enterprise customers...
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