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Azure Cloud management in the Cloud Adoption Framework

Azure Cloud management in the Cloud Adoption Framework Manage Methodology

The Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) is a set of best practices and tools that help organizations plan and execute their cloud journey. One of the key components of the CAF is the Manage methodology, which provides guidance on how to optimize the management, operation, and governance cloud environments.

To achieve a successful cloud strategy, you need to plan, prepare your organization, and adopt the right cloud solutions. But that’s not enough. You also need to manage and operate your cloud assets effectively to deliver genuine business value. Without a reliable and well-managed cloud operation, your cloud strategy will fall short of its potential.

To succeed in adopting a cloud-first operating model, businesses need to change how they manage and operate their IT. However, many organizations are not ready for this shift. The Cloud Adoption Framework helps you design and implement a cloud strategy that aligns with your business goals. It covers the operating model, processes, and tools that work well in the cloud. Moving to the cloud gives IT leaders a chance to transform their operations and deliver more value to their businesses. The Cloud Adoption Framework Manage Methodology presents a new and improved model of IT management and will help you develop the business and technical approaches needed to provide cloud management that supports your ongoing operations.

Azure Cloud management in the Cloud Adoption Framework Manage Methodology
Azure Cloud management in the Cloud Adoption Framework Manage Methodology (Source: Microsoft)

Business alignment

When an organization moves to the cloud, management and operations shift a bit, creating an opportunity to develop tighter business alignment.

  • Criticality: Mapping workloads to business processes. Ranking criticality to focus investments.
  • Impact: Understanding the impact of potential outages to aid in evaluating return on investment for cloud management.
  • Commitment: Developing true partnerships, by creating and documenting agreements with the business.

Cloud Operations and Management Disciplines

One way to achieve effective management in any situation is to have reliable and standardized processes. Azure offers a variety of possibilities for different tasks that can be performed in the cloud. However, there are also many different ways to manage the cloud. To ensure reliability and standardization, it’s essential to select a consistent set of management processes and tools that will be used for workloads hosted in the cloud.

cloud management maturity
cloud management maturity (Source: Microsoft)

There is much more to learn about cloud management, for more check out the Cloud Adoption Framework here.

Azure Enablement Show – An Introduction to the Cloud Adoption Framework Manage Methodology

Do you have questions about how to get your cloud environment ready? Join Wayne Meyer and Thomas Mauer for a discussion of the Manage methodology of the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure. You’ll learn about Azure Landing Zones, how the Cloud Adoption and Well-Architected Frameworks align, hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios, and how to organize your business and technical teams.

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