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Speaking at Global Azure 2021 (Livestream)

Learn about Hybrid Cloud Management with Azure Global Azure 2021

I am happy to let you know that I will be speaking and presenting at this year’s Global Azure 2021 (virtual).  I will be speaking and delivering a session focusing on Hybrid Cloud Management using Azure at Global Azure Virtual 2021 on my YouTube live stream. Global Azure Virtual 2021 is a 3-day virtual conference with world-class speakers and community leaders as hosts in a live stream. Additionally, also part of Global Azure Virtual, communities around the world are organizing localized live streams for everyone around the world to join and learn about Azure from the best-in-class community leaders.

Global Azure 2021:

  • April 15th-17th
  • 151 speakers
  • 141 sessions

My Global Azure Virtual 2021 Livestream

I will be live-streaming a session about Azure Hybrid Management. You can watch the streams right here on thomasmaurer.ch or on my YouTube channel, on April 15th 5pm (CEST).


Download ICS Calendar file here or subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Learn about Hybrid Cloud Management with Azure 

Join the Livestream to see, Cloud Advocate Thomas Maurer will give you an overview of the Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud offering. Learn how you can use the Azure Hybrid services and products like Azure Arc, Azure Update Management, the new Azure Stack portfolio, and many more to introduce hybrid cloud management to your environment.

My Livestream:

Join us on the Global Azure Virtual 2020 Livestreams!

So if you are interested, join us on these 3 days Global Azure 2021 for different sessions online. I am really looking forward to speaking in the livestream. You can find more about the event here.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

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