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Rename Windows 10 Audio Devices with Emojis

Windows 10 Audio Devices with Emojis

I know, I am usually not blogging about emojis, but this time I can it is pretty cool and helpful. A couple of days ago I saw a tweet from one of the Microsoft Windows Program Managers and how she renamed her audio devices with emojis. I think this is pretty cool and visualization makes it also easier to find the right devices. In this quick blog I will show you how you quickly can rename your audio devices in Windows 10 with emojis (or even without ;).

First you might have seen the new audio devices selection in Windows 10

Windows 10 Audio Devices

Now to rename these devices, simply right click on the audio symbol in the taskbar and click on Sounds.

This will open up the Windows Sounds options. Here select Playback Devices. Right click the device you want you rename, for example your headphones and click on Properties.

Windows Audio Devices Properties

In the properties you can now change the name and add for example emojis. To use emojis you can open up a document or mail simply use press “Windows + .” and the emoji panel shows up. Select the emoji you want to use und copy past it in the name field. Save the changes and now your Windows 10 Audio devices will show up with a different name and even emojis.

Windows 10 Audio Devices with Emojis

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