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Speaking at Experts Live US 2018 in Houston

ExpertsLive US 2018

I am happy and proud that I will speak at next years Experts Live US 2018 in Houston. This will be the first Experts Live Conference in the United States taking place from February 8 – 9 2018. I am happy to present at this event, and be part of the Experts Live journey over the globe, where I have been able to speak at Experts Live in Europe, Asia and Australia.

At Experts Live I will be presenting the following sessions:

[cta title=”Azure Stack: Your Cloud, Your Datacenter ” button=”Experts Live US” link=”https://elus18.sched.com/event/D12g/azure-stack-your-cloud-your-datacenter?iframe=no&w=100%&sidebar=yes&bg=no”]Microsoft released Azure Stack as a Azure appliance for your datacenter. Learn what Azure Stack is, what challenges it solves, how you deploy, manage and operate a Azure Stack in your datacenter. Learn about the features and services you will get by offering Azure Stack to your customers and how you can build a true Hybrid Cloud experience. In this presentation Thomas Maurer (Microsoft MVP) will guide you through the highly anticipated innovations and experience during the Azure Stack Early Adaption Program and Azure Stack Technology Adoption Program (TAP). [/cta]

[cta title=”Windows Server – What is next for Windows Server ” button=”Experts Live US” link=”https://elus18.sched.com/event/D12h/windows-server-what-is-next-in-redstone?iframe=no&w=100%&sidebar=yes&bg=no”]A little less than one year ago Microsoft released Windows Server 2016. In Fall 2017 Microsoft has updated Windows Server to the next Semi-Annual Channel release with new features and improvements and Microsoft will now release new SAC and LTSC releases. Join this session for the best of Windows Server, learn how the new Servicing Model of Windows Server works and what does it mean to use SAC or LTSC releases, and what new improvement and features Microsoft offers in the latest releases such as 1709 and 1803. You’ll get an overview about the new, exciting improvements that are in Windows Server and how they’ll improve your day-to-day job.   In this presentation Thomas Maurer (Microsoft MVP) will guide you through the highly anticipated innovations including: · Windows Server Containers · Hyper-V features · Nano Server · Storage · Networking · Security · Windows Server Containers And more![/cta]

[cta title=”10 hidden Hyper-V features you should know about! ” button=”Experts Live US” link=”https://elus18.sched.com/event/D12o/10-hidden-hyper-v-features-you-should-know-about?iframe=no&w=100%&sidebar=yes&bg=no”]In this session Thomas Maurer will talk about 10 hidden Hyper-V features everyone should know about. This covers different features for Hyper-V on Windows Server as well as on Windows 10.[/cta]

I will also be part of the AMA (Ask me Anything) Discusison Panel: Hybrid Cloud , together with my friends John Joyner (Microsoft MVP) and Janaka Rangama (Microsoft MVP).

[cta title=”AMA Discusison Panel: Hybrid Cloud ” button=”Experts Live US” link=”https://elus18.sched.com/event/D12Z/ama-discusison-panel-hybrid-cloud?iframe=no&w=100%&sidebar=yes&bg=no”]Bring your questions on Azure Stack, Windows 2016, Hyper-V and Disaster Recovery in this “ask me anything (AMA) panel discussion. [/cta]

Hope fully I see you in Houston at Experts Live US 2018!

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