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Whitepaper and Webinar “VMM (fabric) Management and Resource Pooling”

Savision Whitepaper

One of the most challenging things during the shift to Cloud Computing is to manage Fabric Resources efficiently. Together with Savision I have worked on a whitepaper in which it is outlined how Fabric resource like Compute, Storage and Network can be managed efficiently and how System Center Virtual Machine Manager provides a solution to build a datacenter abstraction layer.

The whitepaper is focused on building a datacenter abstraction layer of your fabric resources, self-service and service deployment. If you would like to know more about it, join our webinar.

[cta title=”Register for EU webinar” button=”Register now (free)” link=”http://www.savision.com/webinar-vmm-fabric-management-and-resource-pooling-7th-may”]Register here for the EU webinar on Webinar “VMM (fabric) Management and Resource Pooling” by MVP Thomas Maurer – 7th May 3.00pm CEST (English)[/cta]

[cta title=”Register for US webinar” button=”Register now (free)” link=”http://www.savision.com/webinar-vmm-fabric-management-and-resource-pooling-8th-may”]Register here for the US webinar on Webinar “VMM (fabric) Management and Resource Pooling” by MVP Thomas Maurer – 8th May 2.00 pm EDT (English)[/cta]

We’re looking forward having you logged in!

Btw you can download the Whitepaper right here:

[cta title=”Download the Whitepaper” button=”Download” link=”http://www.savision.com/resources/news/free-whitepaper-and-webinar-vmm-fabric-management-and-resource-pooling-mvp-thomas”]Download the Free Whitepaper on “VMM (fabric) Management and Resource Pooling” by MVP Thomas Maurer [/cta]

If you have questions join the webinar or feel free to comment.

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