Add drivers to Windows Server 2012 ISO Image

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I already did a post how you can add drivers to a Windows Server 2008 R2 installation image with the command line tools dism and imagex. With Windows Server 2012 you cannot use the command line tool imagex anymore but you have a new Windows PowerShell module for dism which allows you basically the same with. In this tutorial I will add drivers to a Windows Server 2012 ISO image or a Microsoft Hyper-V Server Image.

First I created three new folders:

  • Drivers – which includes all the extracted drivers for Windows Server 2012 (I removed all the drivers which are not related to Windows Server 2012)
  • ISO – This includes the extracted Windows Server 2012 ISO image
  • Mount – This is a empty folder which will be used to mount the WIM files

PowerShell Dism Folders

First we have to check in which Windows edition we want to add drivers. We can do this by using the Get-WindowsImage cmdlet:


This will show you all the Images which are included in this WIM file.

After we have seen the Index numbers we can now mount the Windows Image our Mount folder. In my example I use Image Index 3 which is the Windows Server 2012 Datacenter Core Edition


After the image is mounted we can now add the drivers from the Drivers folder.

When all drivers are added to the Image you can dismount the image and save it.


We have now added the drivers to the Install image, you should also added the drivers to your boot image. To do this just do the same steps to the .\ISO\sources\boot.wim.

After that you can create a ISO file