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Windows Server 2012: Enable CSV Cache

Windows Server 8

In Windows Server 8 beta (Windows Server 2012 beta), Microsoft released a lot of new features for Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV). One of them is CSV Cache. CSV Cache gives you the possibility to allocate system memory (RAM) of the cluster nodes as cache. This can improve the performance of read requests in workloads like Hyper-V.

Now to enable the CSV Cache on a cluster you have to do this with Windows PowerShell.

  1. First open the PowerShell prompt
  2. Set the size of the CSV Cache. The default it 512MB. With this command you will reserve the Memory on all Cluster nodes for caching.
    (Get-Cluster). SharedVolumeBlockCacheSizeInMB = 512
  3. Now you have to enable the Cache on on the Cluster Shared Volumes you want to use.
    Get-ClusterSharedVolume “Cluster Disk 1| Set-ClusterParameter  CsvEnableBlockCache 1

Here you can find a Windows Server 2012: CSV Cache Benchmark

If you want to know more about CSV Cache, you can read this blog post from Elden Christensen on the Failover Clustering and Network Load Balancing Team Blog.

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