New Awesome HP Notebooks (Elitebooks and ProBooks)

HP Elitebook w-series

After some years with my Apple MacBook Pro its time for a new notebook. Now since my work now is really in the Microsoft field, it does not really make sence to buy a MacBook Pro again. So first I check out the new Dell Latitude E-Series, and now HP released the new Elitebook Workstations.

Now I don’t really like the new HP Elitebook p-series, but I really like the black desgin of the ProBook or the new gunmetal black of the Elitebook w-series.

What is important for me:

  • Screen resolution – 1600 x 900 or even 1920 x 1200
  • battery – life 6 hours or more
  • Size 14 inch or 15 inch
  • cool desgin ;-)
  • docking station
  • multiple monitor support

If you need more information you can get them here.