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Pagefile size limits on Windows Server 2003

Some moths ago I posted a Blogpost called “Pagefile size bigger than 4095MB on Windows Server 2003“. In this post I wrote about the pagefile size limit of 4096MB. Today I got a comment on this post which shows another solution for this.

If you use the /PAE (Wikipedia Link: Physical Address Extension) switch, the pagefile is not limited to 4096MB anymore. Using the PAE switch limits the pagefile to 16TB, this should be enough for the most Windows Server 2003 32-bit systems. If you don’t use PAE the limit of the Pagefile remains 4GB.

By the way, Windows Server 2003 x64 can also have pagefiles up to 16TB and Windows Server 2003 for IA64 systems can have pagefiles up to 32TB. And for all versions, Windows Server 2003 supports up to 16 pagefiles.

For more information on memory limits in Windows Server 2003 check out this TechNet Blog post.

Thank goes to Ethan Anderson for giving me this information.

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