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GForge gets support for iOS

Good news for GForge users. GForge gets mobile support for iPhone and iPad. This was something I missed for a long time. This will make working with GForge even better.


Here is the Blog post:

We are currently developing a client GForge Application for one of the most popular mobile devices platforms, iPhone and iPad. GForge mobile application will have the following features:

  • User management
  • Project Browser
  • Tracker Browser
  • Tracker Item View and Modification
  • Tracker Item Creation

Fast communication and information sharing are the keystones of GForge tools. Today’s mobile devices and smart phones provide a new way to take these two features to a higher level, allowing people to stay in touch even while they are on the road or away from a regular computer.

Since GForge Community opinions and feedback has been always very important for us we would like to know what other cool features you would like to see on this release.

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