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Install HP Management Tools on ESX 3.5

Just a little HowTo for the installation of the HP Management Tools (HP Management Agents for VMware ESX Server 3.x) on an ESX 3.5 Server.

  • First copy the hpmgmt-8.2.0-vmware3x.tar (download link) on your ESX Server in an user directory. You may use WinSCP on your Windows machine.
  • unpack the .tar file. type “tar -xf hpmgmt-8.2.0-vmware3x.tar” (you may use PuTTY to connect on the ESX Server Console form a remote Windows machine)
  • Now start the installer file which should be in the directory /hpmgmt/820/. To run this file you should login as root (type “su” in the console and login with the root password). Now type “./installvm820.sh –install” to install the HP Management Agents.
  • The Installer will ask you to open the port 2381 (HP Managment Homepage) and 2301 (HP Insight Manager).
  • After the this Setup you can login on the HP Managment Homepage on the ESX Server (https://esxserver:2381)

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