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Getting started with Windows Package Manager WinGet

Microsoft, PowerShell, Windows

In this blog post I want to quickly share how you can get started with the new Windows Package...
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Force Hyper-V Virtual Machine VM to turn off

Microsoft, PowerShell, Virtualization, Windows, Windows Server • 3 Comments

In this blog post, we are going to have a look at how you can force a Hyper-V virtual machine (VM) to turn off using the HCSDiag tool. A...
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Recover Files on Windows using the Windows File Recovery Tool

Microsoft, PowerShell, Windows • 10 Comments

Did you accidentally delete an important file, wiping a hard drive or partition, or need to restore corrupted files and data? We all have...
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HCSDiag.exe – Hyper-V Host Compute Service Diagnostics Tool

Microsoft, PowerShell, Virtualization, Windows, Windows Server • 3 Comments

As you know, Hyper-V is not just a server virtualization software anymore. Today, you can find...
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Create a Nano Server using the Nano Server Image Builder

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, PowerShell, Virtualization, Windows, Windows Server • 2 Comments

Last week Microsoft released Windows Server 2016 to the public and at the weekend Microsoft released the Nano Server Image Builder. I...
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Enable RSAT on Windows Server 2008 R2 for Hyper-V

Microsoft, PowerShell, Virtualization, Windows Server • 2 Comments

With the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) you can administrate the Server with remote consoles. Now you can download the Remote...
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How to check MD5 File Checksum with Windows

Microsoft, Windows, Windows Server • 13 Comments

This describes how you can check the MD5 hash of a file under Windows. First Download the File...
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