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My First Impressions of the Surface Book 2

Hardware, Microsoft, Surface, Windows • 3 Comments

Last week I got my early (or late) Christmas gift to myself. The Microsoft Surface Book 2 15-inch...
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Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse Review

Hardware, Home, Microsoft, Surface, Windows • 3 Comments

Last week I got the Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse delivered. The Surface Precision Mouse will become the replacement mouse for my...
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First impressions on the Surface Pro 2017

Hardware, Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Surface, Windows • 2 Comments

I am one of the lucky persons owning an brand new Microsoft Surface Pro as a new device for work. This is the my devices I used for the...
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My Year 2015

Thomas Maurer

I know, it is a little bit later as usual, but still. Another great year has ended and I am ready...
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Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop Review

Hardware, Microsoft, Windows • 4 Comments

Some days ago I received the new  Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop including the new keyboard and the mouse and I thought why not...
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My Microsoft Surface 3 Review

Hardware, Home, Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Surface, Windows • One Comment

A couple of weeks ago I got myself a Microsoft Surface 3 as a secondary device to my Surface Pro 3. While I am totally happy with my...
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My Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health User Review

Fun, Hardware, Home, Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Windows, Xbox • 4 Comments

Back in November I finally got my Microsoft Band after spending a lot of time try to find one in...
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