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Import Evernote notes to OneNote 2010

Microsoft OneNote 2010Since I work more and more with Windows 7 I had a look at Microsoft OneNote 2010. Before I used Evernote and I was happy with it. But as I saw OneNote and startet using it, I can’t think being without it. There are alot of features I really love and OneNote 2010 is really nice integrated into Windows 7 and the Office products.

So if you wish to migrate from Evernote to Microsoft OneNote 2010 you can do that in diffrend ways.

  • Import Notes via Outlook (send Evernote Notes via email and import them in Outlook via the Send to OneNote button)
  • Export Notes as HTML and Import Them Into OneNote
  • Import Notes via the OneNote Printer

You can read a great HowTo on howtogeek.com

Btw. Microsoft released also OneNote for iPhone

Sharepoint 2010: Upload Multiple Documents button grayed out – This control is currently disabled

In the last days we had a customer ticket which was escalated because a user in our Hosted Sharepoint 2010 environment had the following problem. He could not upload multiple documents because the button was grayed out and he got the message “This control is currently disabled”.

Sharepoint 2010 multiple=

This is a feature which is a client integration component, which is available on machines with a installed Office 2010 client. So if you have a Windows 7 PC and Office 2010 installed you get the following:

  1. The first time you navigate on the Document Library you get asked about a ActiveX Control Object
    Sharepoint 2010 Document Library
  2. You can accept that
    Sharepoint 2010 Document Library
  3. Maybe you get asked again
    Sharepoint 2010 Document Library
  4. Now you can use the Upload Multiple Documents ButtonSharepoint 2010 Document Library
  5. And choose the Office Files
    Sharepoint 2010 Document Library

I found this solution in the technet forums

Microsoft Office 2010 Migration Guides

Microsoft released a article about migration to Office 2010. With the Office 2010 Migration Guides you can easy guide user trough the new interface of Office 2010 with Ribbons and how you convert Office 2003 documents to Office 2010 documents.

You can find more here on the Office support page.

Office 2010 Migration Guides

Sharepoint 2007 or WSS 3.0 export/import

This blog post gives you a quick look at how you can export and import SharePoint 2017 or WSS 3.0 sites.

How to do a Sharepoint site export:

With this command, you can export the SharePoint site.

stsadm -o export -url http://sharepointsite -filename c:\backup\sharepointsite.bak -includeusersecurity -versions 4 -nofilecompression

Hot to do a Sharepoint site import:

With this command, you can import the SharePoint site.

stsadm –o import –url http://sharepointsite -filename c:\backup\sharepointsite.bak –includeusersecurity

More information to stsadm:

If you need more command options, check out the help of the stsadm tool.

C:\stsadm -help export
stsadm.exe -o export
           -url <URL to be exported>
           -filename <export file name>
           [-versions <1-4>
               1 - Last major version for files and list items (default)
               2 - The current version, either the last major or the last minor
               3 - Last major and last minor version for files and list items
               4 - All versions for files and list items]
           [-cabsize <integer from 1-1024 megabytes> (default: 25)]
C:\stsadm -help import
stsadm.exe -o import
           -url <URL to import to>
           -filename <import file name>
           [-updateversions <1-3>
               1 - Add new versions to the current file (default)
               2 - Overwrite the file and all its versions (delete then insert)
               3 - Ignore the file if it exists on the destination]

Office 2010: The Movie

Check out Office 2010 The Move – Awesome!