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I Love My New Nokia Lumia 1020

Fun, Hardware, Microsoft, Windows Phone • 2 Comments

Since last week I am one of the proud owners of Nokia Lumia 1020, the best Windows Phone today. Not...
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My new Nokia Lumia 925

Fun, Hardware, Microsoft, Windows Phone • One Comment

Since December 2012 I was using my Nokia Lumia 920, which in my opition the best Windows Phone at this time. Last Friday I had the chance...
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New gadgets for 2013

Fun, Hardware, Microsoft, Surface, Xbox

As 2012, 2013 is going to be an expensive year, because there will be a lot of great product launches. Until today there were two which I...
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What’s in my bag for the Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2013

Fun, Hardware, Microsoft, Microsoft MVP, Surface, Windows, Windows Server

Only a few days left until I catch my flight with Marcel Zehner (MVP System Center Datacenter...
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My Nokia Lumia 920 has finally arrived

Hardware, Microsoft, Windows Phone • 2 Comments

I already bought the first Nokia Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 800 and the flagship the Nokia Lumia 900 this year. Now some ago Nokia...
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Awesome new Windows Phone 8 phones coming

Hardware, Microsoft, Windows Phone

In the past day Samsung and Nokia showed there new Windows Phone 8 phones and HTC will show the new lineup in the next days. I really...
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