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Thomas Maurer Speaking at Geekmania

Speaking at Geekmania 2018

This week one of my last speaking engagements for 2018 is coming up, which will be Geekmania 2018. I am happy to be again one of the speakers at the Swiss Geekmania conference. Geekmania is focused on IT Pro topics around Microsoft technology. This Friday (9.11.2018) 18 speakers will speak in 3 parallels tracks in 24 sessions, covering the latest and greatest about Windows, Windows Server, System Center and Azure.

My session will focus on Microsoft Azure Stack:

Azure Stack – Your Cloud Your Datacenter (German)

Microsoft Azure Stack ist nun verfügbar als Azure Appliance in ihrem Datacenter. Lernen sie was Azure Stack ist und wie Azure Stack als Erweiterung zu Microsoft Azure nutzen können, um services in einer Hybrid Cloud bereitzustellen.

Next to me there will be a lot of great community speakers present. Geekmania is always a lot of fun, so hopefully see you there!


Speaking at Geekmania 2016

Today I can announce that I will speak at Geekmania 2016 at Friday 04.11.2016 at the Pathé Dietlikon. I this is the 4th time I am speaking at Geekmania, which is a one day event in Switzerland focusing on real world IT topics and Microsoft technologies.

Marcel Zehner from itnetX and me will speak in several different sessions about Windows Server 2016, System Center 2016, Microsoft OMS and Microsoft Azure Stack.

What's new in Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V

With the next version of Microsoft hypervisor Microsoft released some great new features for your Cloud infrastructure. Come to this session to get the details of all the new stuff that is in Hyper-V and learn about how you can play with it “hands-on.” This session includes also the latest updates from the GA Release.

What’s new in Windows Server 2016 Storage

With the next version of Microsoft hypervisor Microsoft released some great new features for your Cloud infrastructure. Microsoft announced several new feature on Windows Server 2016 including a lot of new Storage features, such as Storage Spaces Direct, ReFS, Storage Replica and much more. In this session you get an overview about the new Storage technologies in Windows Server 2016 and Hyper-V.

Microsoft Azure Stack - Azure for your Datacenter

Get more information about Microsoft Azure Stack and how you can get Azure for your Datacenter.

I hope I see you there!



Speaking at Geekmania 2013

Last year I was speaking at Geekmania 2012 in Switzerland about Windows Server 2012: Hyper-V V3 – the new generation Hypervisor and Windows Server 2012: Storage Management – get ready for “Big Data” where we talked a lot about the new storage features and Hyper-V over SMB. This year I have again the honor to present at Geekmania 2013 (25. October). This time I will have two sessions (german), together with Marcel Zehner (Microsoft MVP) I willl talk about PowerShell 4.0 and Desire State Configuration and with Philipp Witschi (itnetx gmbh) I will talk about Hyper-V and Storage.

Powershell Jump Start

Sie entwickeln Ihre Scripts immer noch mit VBScript oder anderen Legacy-Skriptsprachen? Oder benutzer gar noch den guten, alten Command Prompt? Dann wird es langsam Zeit dass Sie sich mit PowerShell beschäftigen. In dieser 100%-Demo-Session zeigen wir Ihnen von Grund auf was in PowerShell steckt, wie es funktioniert und wie man diese interaktive Shell- und Scripting-Technologie einsetzen kann. Dabei starten wir ganz unten, und bringen Sie in kurzer Zeit auf eine angenehme Flughöhe!

Neue Standards in Sachen Skalierbarkeit und Performance: Microsoft Hyper-V auf Basis SOFS/SMB3.0

Mit Windows Server 2012 unterstützt Microsoft zum ersten Mal File basierendes Storage für Hyper-V. Erfahren sie mehr über das Private Cloud Storage der Zukunft, welche Vorteile Hyper-V over SMB gegenüber Block Storage hat und welche Erneuerungen in Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V hinzugekommen sind


Make sure you also checkout other events and session:

Geekmania 2012 Recap

Geekmania Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V sessions

Last Friday I had two session at Geekmania 2012, a the conference for real geeks. Together with other architects and engineers of itnetx we were presenting lot of cool stuff around Microsoft Virtualization and Systems Management at Level 400.

geekmania 2012

In my two sessions me and Philipp Witschi from itnetx talked about the new Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V features like Hyper-V Replica and in the second session I focused on Hyper-V over SMB, showing new features and possibilities of SMB 3.0.

A great thing to see was the full cinema hall (around ~120 people) during the Hyper-V and Windows Server 2012 Storage session, which shows the great interested in Hyper-V.

I hope people could learn something new and enjoyed my sessions and Geekmania 2012. It was great to talk to a lot of people about the new Hypervisor.

Geekmania 2012 Private Cloud Sessions

If you enjoyed my sessions I hope you will attend my session about System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 SP1 on the Swiss TechDays during 19.11. and 20.11. in Basel.

Two Private Cloud Sessions at Geekmania 2012

geekmania 2012

Two weeks ago the date of the Swiss IT Event Geekmania was announced and I got two session slots in the itnetx Private Cloud Track. Together with Philipp Witschi I will talk about Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V and Storage and how those features are integrated in the next Version of System Center.

Geekmania 2012 Private Cloud Sessions

  • Windows Server 2012: Hyper-V V3 – the new generation Hypervisor
  • Windows Server 2012: Storage Management – get ready for “Big Data”¨

Beside those two sessions there are a lot of other cool Microsoft Private Cloud sessions with the latest System Center products like System Center Orchestrator, Virtual Machine Manager, Operations Manager, Service Manager and Configuration Manager.

  • System Center Configuration Manager 2012: Task Sequences Deep Dive
  • Identity Management mit System Center Service Manager 2012
  • System Center Orchestrator 2012: Hardcore IT Process Automation
  • System Center Operations Manager 2012: Monitor your own Application
  • A Real World Microsoft Private Cloud Scenario
  • Panel Discussion: Meet The System Center And Private Cloud Solutions Experts

Private Cloud Track Speakers:

Geekmania 2012 will be a one day Event on Friday October 26. You can get more Information about the Event on the Geekmania 2012 homepage.