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Azure Stack HCI in the HPE Customer Innovation Center in Geneva

Azure Stack HCI in the HPE Customer Innovation Center in Geneva

I had to chance to visit the HPE Customer Innovation Center in Geneva Switzerland and talk about Hybrid Cloud and Edge solutions with Azure Stack HCI and Azure Arc. Check it out there:

I had the incredible opportunity to be invited by HPE to their Customer Innovation Center in Geneva, Switzerland. The visit was a fantastic experience, offering a deep dive into the world of hybrid cloud and edge solutions, particularly focusing on Microsoft Azure Stack HCI and Azure Arc.

The HPE Customer Innovation Center is a hub of technological advancement, and during my visit, I was able to explore the demo datacenter. It was fascinating to see the HPE Solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI hardware in action, showcasing the seamless integration and efficiency of HPE’s hardware with Microsoft’s hybrid cloud technology.

One of the highlights of the visit was the demonstration of the HPE GreenLake solution for Azure Stack. The GreenLake solution is a game-changer, offering a pay-per-use model that brings the cloud experience to apps and data everywhere. It was impressive to see how it simplifies the deployment and management of Azure Stack, making it a viable and flexible solution for businesses looking to adopt a hybrid cloud approach.

The entire experience ties in beautifully with the Azure adaptive cloud approach, which emphasizes the importance of a flexible and scalable IT environment. The Azure adaptive cloud approach is all about meeting businesses where they are and providing them with the tools to adapt and thrive in a constantly evolving digital landscape.

For those interested in learning more about my visit and the insights gained, stay tuned for a detailed video walkthrough. It will provide an exclusive look at the HPE Customer Innovation Center and the cutting-edge solutions that are shaping the future of hybrid cloud and edge computing.

The visit to HPE’s Innovation Center was not just a learning experience but also a testament to the collaborative efforts of HPE and Microsoft in driving forward the next generation of cloud solutions. It’s clear that the future is bright, and I can’t wait to see how these technologies will continue to transform the industry.

In this case big thank you to Maxime Lotte, Frank Bechter, Quentin Fiaux, and Constantin Herrmann from HPE!

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