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Speaking at PSConf.EU 2022

PowerShell Conf Europe PSConfEU

I am happy and proud to let you know that I will be speaking at PowerShell Conference Europe 2022 (PSConf.EU) 2022 in Vienna on June 20-23, 2022. I will be presenting two sessions, one will be more focused on using PowerShell, CLI, and Cloud Shell to manage Azure, the second session is more of a soft skill session where I am going to show you how you can deliver great tech demos.

PSConf is a great way to learn more about PowerShell, network with other PowerShell users and experts, and a lot more. If you want to learn more about the PowerShell Conference Europe 2022 (PSConf.EU) check out the website here.

How To Create Great Tech Demos And Presentations

Delivering great demos can be the key to delivering a great presentation. In the last decade Thomas delivered hundreds of presentations at different events around the world, in-person and online.
In this session you will learn how to set up your computer to deliver great demonstrations to make sure your audience can follow and get excited about what you are showing.

Mastering Azure using Cloud Shell, PowerShell and Bash!

Azure can be managed in many different ways. Learn your command line options like Azure PowerShell, Azure CLI, and Cloud Shell to be more efficient in managing your Azure infrastructure. Become a hero on the shell to manage the cloud!

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