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Betatalks podcast – Azure feedback, advocate of all new things & get certified

Betatalks the podcast with Thomas Maurer

I am happy to let you know that I was on the betatalks podcast, to talk about my job, the cloud and much more!

In this episode, we talk with Thomas Maurer about what keeps him busy on a day-to-day basis. He tells us the two most important aspects of his job as a Senior Cloud Advocate: creating & delivering content and bringing back feedback into the engineering world. He shares with us the way they gather feedback from customers and how they hunt for those gaps. Furthermore, we discuss the importance of staying on top of new things and why you should keep learning. Should there be an ‘Advocate of all new things’? We talk about Azure certifications, how he helps other people get certified, and the enrichment it gives when owning certain Azure certificates. And if he had the possibility, what would he disinvent?

Interested, check out the full Podcast episode here.

Betatalks Podcast Collecting Azure feedback, advocate of all new things & get certified – with Thomas Maurer

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