Book Azure Arc-Enabled Kubernetes and Servers Extending Hyperscale Cloud Management to Your Datacenter

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Book: Azure Arc-Enabled Kubernetes and Servers: Extending Hyperscale Cloud Management to Your Datacenter

I know many of you want to learn more about Azure Arc and how you can leverage the Azure management and control plane for your hybrid and multicloud environments. Microsoft MVPs and Azure experts Steve Buchanan and John Joyner have authored a book about Azure Arc which I would highly recommend. The Azure Arc-Enabled Kubernetes and Servers: Extending Hyperscale Cloud Management to Your Datacenter book is an introductory guide to using Microsoft’s Azure Arc service.

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Welcome to this introductory guide to using Microsoft’s Azure Arc service, a new multi-cloud management platform that belongs in every cloud or DevOps estate. As many IT pros know, servers and Azure Kubernetes Service drive a huge amount of consumption in Azure―so why not extend familiar management tools proven in Azure to on-premises and other cloud networks? This practical guide will get you up to speed quickly, with instruction that treads light on the theory and heavy on the hands-on experience to make setting up Azure Arc servers and Kubernetes across multiple clouds a lot less complex. 

Azure experts and MVPs Buchanan and Joyner provide just the right amount of context so you can grasp important concepts, and get right to the business of using and gaining value from Azure Arc. If your organization has resources across hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and edge environments, then this book is for you. You will learn how to configure and use Azure Arc to uniformly manage workloads across all of these environments.


What You Will Learn

  • Introduces the basics of hybrid, multi-cloud, and edge computing and how Azure Arc fits into that IT strategy
  • Teaches the fundamentals of Azure Resource Manager, setting the reader up with the knowledge needed on the technology that underpins Azure Arc
  • Offers insights into Azure native management tooling for managing on-premises servers and extending to other clouds
  • Details an end-to-end hybrid server monitoring scenario leveraging Azure Monitor and/or Azure Sentinel that is seamlessly delivered by Azure Arc
  • Defines a blueprint to achieve regulatory compliance with industry standards using Azure Arc, delivering Azure Policy from Azure Defender for Servers
  • Explores how Git and GitHub integrate with Azure Arc; delves into how GitOps is used with Azure Arc
  • Empowers your DevOps teams to perform tasks that typically fall under IT operations
  • Dives into how to best use Azure CLI with Azure Arc

Who This Book Is For

DevOps, system administrators, security professionals, and IT workers responsible for servers both on-premises and in the cloud. Some experience in system administration, DevOps, containers, and use of Git/GitHub is helpful.

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