Azure Cloud Adoption Framework for Hybrid and Multicloud

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Azure Cloud Adoption Framework for Hybrid and Multicloud Scenarios

The Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure (CAF) provides proven guidance for your cloud adoption journey. If you are looking for proven guidance to build and operate a hybrid and multicloud environment the Azure Cloud Adoption Framework offers scenario-based guidance for hybrid and multicloud. Microsoft Azure provides all of the products and features required to help you build and operate your technology solutions in the cloud. There are many different business and technology reasons that may drive the necessity of using multiple private and/or public clouds. Let’s have a quick look at the guidance offered by the CAF.

Hybrid and MultiCloud Approach
Hybrid and MultiCloud Approach (Source Microsoft Docs)

Cloud Adoption Scenarios

The Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure offers new scenarios depending on your long-term strategy and goals of your cloud journey. Depending on whether you’re considering a comprehensive hybrid and multicloud effort, or preparing for Kubernetes and container integration into your cloud strategy, the CAF offers updated guidance for a hybrid and multicloud adoption scenario and a modern application platform scenario.

Hybrid and Multicloud Adoption Scenario

This scenario focuses on enabling two targeted outcomes:

  • Hybrid and multicloud adoption: Building, deploying, and/or migrating solutions that are portable, allowing for ease of movement between cloud platforms with minimum vendor lock-in.
  • Unified operations: Streamlining operations to support those solutions across each cloud, through a central set of governance and management processes which share common operations processes, regardless of where the solution is currently deployed.


The Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure hybrid and multicloud scenario covers an overview about the these scenarios and outlines and expands on Microsoft’s unique perspective on important cloud computing terms.

Unified operations

The article also introduces the concept of unified operations unified operations.

One cloud dashboard, across hybrid, multicloud, and edge.

Microsoft Docs

Hybrid, multicloud, and edge deployment approaches can often lead to increases in operating costs. The unexpected increase in cost is the result of duplicated or disparate operations, with one set of operating practices per cloud provider. Unified operations is the intentional approach of maintaining one set of tools and processes to consistently manage each cloud provider through a common set of governance and operations management practices.

Introduction to hybrid and multicloud products on Azure

Relying on an effective multicloud, multiedge hybrid approach is more important than ever. Azure focuses on supporting the hybrid needs of customers with hybrid integration across Azure products.

Azure Hybrid and Mutlicloud products overview
Azure Hybrid and Mutlicloud products overview

The CAF article introduces a few of the Azure products with hybrid and multicloud capabilities that can provide this capability across your cloud portfolio. This includes services such as Azure Arc, Azure Stack, and many more Azure services.

Cloud Adoption Framework hybrid and multicloud scenario

The Cloud Adoption Framework hybrid and multicloud scenario offers more guidance and recommendations:


You can find more about the Cloud Adoption Framework on Microsoft Docs. I also created a short video about the CAF.

I hope this article provides you with a short overview of the new scenarios in the Azure Cloud Adoption Framework for hybrid and multicloud environments.

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