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Let’s talk about the HPE Azure Stack Innovation Center

HPE Azure Stack Innovation Center

Together with HPE, I did some short videos about HPE Azure Stack and the HPE Azure Stack Innovation Center in Geneva. The videos are very short to give you a quick idea about the different scenarios and the benefits of the Innovation Center as well as the HPE solutions. If you want to know more about it, you can check out my blog and look for my articles on Azure Stack and Azure.

About the Azure Stack Innovation Centers

To help you get started on your journey with Microsoft Azure Stack, HPE and Microsoft have built Azure Stack Innovation Centers. Staffed by HPE and Microsoft experts, and leveraging the latest industry-leading Azure Stack hardware and software solutions, the Innovation Centers are designed to help simplify and accelerate your hybrid cloud journey.

In simple words, the Innovation Centers are a place to try out Azure Stack multi-node systems, do a proof of concept and test your real-world workloads. We used the Azure Stack Innovations Centers to work with customers, to try out their workloads directly on a full multi-node system. This helps to better understand the benefits and challenges for the specific customer workloads and get some hands-on experience. It is also a great possibility to test out the Azure Stack Operator capabilities and tasks.

Thomas Maurer about the HPE Azure Stack Innovation Centers

Thomas Maurer talks about how the HPE Innovation Center helps partners and customers on Azure Stack Implementation projects!

Thomas Maurer talks about common Azure Stack use cases

Thomas Maurer, Lead Architect at itnetX and HPE Microsoft Partner, talks about common Azure Stack use cases from real-world implementations.

How to integrate HPE Azure Stack Appliance into your Datacenter

Thomas Maurer advises how to integrate the HPE Azure Stack Appliance into your Datacenter.

If you want to try out and visit one of the HPE – Microsoft Azure Stack Innovation Centers all over the world, you can get in contact with your HPE or Microsoft sales representative. Or use the contact form on my blog to get more information. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments.

A big thanks for the videos go to HPE, Microsoft and Stephane Bureau from Social4u.

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