Hyper-V 3: Attach multiple VHDs via PowerShell

Powershell Hyper-V Attach VHDs
We are already testing some Windows Server 8 installations and to test some of the new storage features I needed to attach a lot of VHDs to a Virtual Machine. Now with this Windows PowerShell script its very easy and fast.


  • Needs Windows Server 8 (Developer Preview)
  • Needs Hyper-V 3 (Inculded in Windows Server 8 )
  • Needs PowerShell v3 (Also included in Windows Server 8 )

The best thing overall is how you fast you can create such scripts with PowerShell v3. It took me like 10-12 minutes to get this thing done, and if you think how I would have to create and attach all of those VHDs with the wizard, I saved myself a lot of time.