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Cisco UCS Hyper-V Cluster – Add Nodes to Hyper-V Cluster – Part 7

Adding Hyper-V Hosts to the Failover Cluster is pretty simple. And I will keep this part very short.

  1. First Setup your Hyper-V Hosts and configure the them (network, storage, etc)
  2. Now open the Failover Cluster Manager and choose “Add Node…”
    Add Failover Cluster Node
  3. Select the new Hosts
    Add Failover Cluster Node
  4. After you check you have added the right Hyper-V Hosts click next
    Add Failover Cluster Node
  5. Now the hosts are added to the Failover Cluster
    Add Failover Cluster Node

Now you can add or move virtual machines to the new Cluster Nodes.

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