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Microsoft Certification Transcript

How to Share your Microsoft Certification Transcript

If you have done your Microsoft Certification exams, you will get a Microsoft Certification Transcript attached to your Microsoft Certification ID and account. In this transcript, you will find all the exams you have taken, active certifications and certification history. In the case you want or need to share Microsoft Certification Transcript with your employer, friends, and colleagues, you can follow the steps I listed here.

This Microsoft transcript is the official record of your exam and certification achievements. You can email yourself a copy of the transcript, share your transcript with your employer, friends, and colleagues, and download a copy.

Please note it can take up to 48 hours after passing an exam for an exam or certification to appear on your transcript.

Share your Microsoft Certification Transcript

Go to https://mcptnc.microsoft.com/transcript and login with your Microsoft account you used to take your Microsoft Certification Exam. You will find the online version of your transcript. You can email it, download it as PDF or give people online access to your transcript.

Microsoft Certification Transcript

Microsoft Certification Transcript


If you want to share it online so that people can access the current version, you can click on Share.

Share your Transcript

Share your Transcript

You can define an access code and share the link with the Transcription ID and Access Code with the person who needs access. You will get the following data:

You can now share your Microsoft transcript with your employer, friends, and colleagues by providing the following information to them:
Transcript ID: XXXXXXX
Access Code: XXXXXXXXX
Transcript Viewing Page: https://mcp.microsoft.com/Anonymous//Transcript/Validate

I hope this helps you to share your Microsoft Certification Transcript. You can find more information about Microsoft Certifications on the website.

If you want to learn more about why you should become Microsoft Certified, or how you get started with your Azure Certifications, check out my blog post. I also summarized in a blog how you learn Microsoft Azure in 2020. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.

Microsoft Whiteboard

IT Pros – Check out the Microsoft Whiteboard App

A couple of days ago Microsoft announced that the Microsoft Whiteboard App is now generally available (GA). Obviously this is not just an IT Pro app, it can be used by anyone running Windows 10. The Microsoft Whiteboard App is designed to help you collaborate with others in real time using inking and replace physical whiteboards. Microsoft Whiteboard allows you to share and invite others to collaborate on a whiteboard over the web. It is not only available as an app on Windows 10, it is also available on the Surface Hub.

I started to use the Microsoft Whiteboard app heavily. Instead of using OneNote to draw during presentations and workshops, I now use the Whiteboard App. It helps me quickly to draw some technical drawings and do my interactive workshops.

The Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft New Whiteboard

The Microsoft Whiteboard provides you an unlimited whiteboard canvas. You can use a pen, like the Surface Pen, or you can just use your fingers to draw and edit stuff. You have different digital pens and drawing tools available. Form here you just can get started with what every you want to draw, note or plan.

Insert things into the Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard Insert Pictures

You can not only draw and write on the canvas, you can also add different type of files like Images from your PC, Bing or take a picture directly from the whiteboard. You can also add text notes, which you easily can move around.

Microsoft Whiteboard Ink to Shape

Microsoft Whiteboard Ink to Shape

If you want to have some extended features, you can open up the settings and you have some other cool options for inking. Ink to shape basically recognizes what type of shape you want to draw and does automatically convert to the right shape. Even cooler is the Ink to table feature, which lets you quickly draw a table. This makes it easy to draw and quickly get to where you want to go.

Whiteboard Sharing

Microsoft Whiteboard Sharing

I already mentioned that you use the whiteboard to collaborate. You have two ways of sharing it, you can invite people from your Office 365 or Microsoft Account, or you can just simply share a web sharing link, to allow others to join your whiteboard over the web. You will be able to see in real time what the others are drawing.

I hope this gives you a quick overview about the Microsoft Whiteboard app, let me know what you think. You can get the Microsoft Whiteboard from the Microsoft Store for free.