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Open website from PowerShell

Open website from PowerShell

If you want to directly open a website from the PowerShell console, you can use the Start-Process cmdlet. This will open the website in the default browser:

Start-Process "https://www.thomasmaurer.ch"

You can also use “Start” which is an alias for Start-Process:

Start "https://www.thomasmaurer.ch"

Yes this is a very short post, but I hope this was helpful and you can now open a website from PowerShell.

Xbox 2012 Awesomeness


Yesterday Microsoft showed a lot of new cool stuff coming to the Xbox brand at the E3 conference. And the best thing voice control coming to Switzerland too.

Check out the new Xbox features like Xbox Smartglass, Xbox Music, Internet Explorer, Nike+ or Xbox Sports.

Xbox Media Briefing Smartglass Highlights

Xbox Sports (ESPN, NHL, UFC, NFL, NBA,…)

Xbox Media Briefing Entertainment Highlights (Bing. Nike+, NBA, NHL, Xbox Music…)

Xbox Media Briefing Highlights (Gaming, Halo 4, Entertainment,…)


Microsoft Avengers

The Browser You Loved To Hate

Microsoft released a new funny Ad for Internet Explorer 9.

Change Windows Intune Console language

Windows Intune Logo

Windows Intune takes the Browser language as language of the Windows Intune Administrator Console. To change the language in the Windows Intune console you have to change the language setting of your browser. Internet Options –> General Tab –> Appearance Section –> Language Button and choose you the language which you prefer as language in your administrator console.

IE language setting

IE9 on Windows Phone 7: fast!

IE9 on WP7

Microsoft showed a preview for the next big Windows Phone 7 update called “Mango”. The new upgdate brings Internet Explorer 9 to your mobile phone. Impressive fast!

More information on the coming Windows Phone 7 update can you get here.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 – Beauty of the Web

Internet Explorer 9 Logo

Yesterday Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

I worked with the beta and the release candidate of Internet Explorer 9 and I think its a huge difference between IE8 and IE9. Internet Explorer 9 feels much faster as the previous versions of Internet Explorer and even some competitors.

I think this are the best features and of Internet Explorer 9

  • better performance
  • Integration in Windows 7 (Jump List etc)
  • HTML5 integration
  • Clean Design

This makes Websites feeling more like real desktop applications, and I don’t think other browsers can do that.

You can get more informations and some examples about IE9 here

You can download IE9 here