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Remote Edit Files on Azure Linux VMs using VS Code

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Virtualization, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Windows, Windows Server

There are a lot of different ways to remote manage your Azure virtual machines using various tools...
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PowerShell: Sort and Move Files by Date to month and year

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, PowerShell, Windows, Windows Server • 40 Comments

This quick blog post, shows, how you can sort and move files to folder sorted by date (year and month) with PowerShell. I had to sort a lot...
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PowerShell: Copy files and additional files with different name

Microsoft, PowerShell, Windows, Windows Server

This maybe helps some people which need to copy multiple files. In my example I search for Contoso in files called info_*****.txt I need to...
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Powershell: How to rename all files in a folder

Microsoft, PowerShell • 3 Comments

Sometimes you need a fast way to rename a lot of file. With Powershell this is pretty easy. You...
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