Tag: AzCopy

Migrate AWS S3 buckets to Azure blob storage

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Windows • 4 Comments

With the latest version of AzCopy (version 10), you get a new feature which allows you to migrate Amazon S3 buckets to Azure blob storage....
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Sync Folder with Azure Blob Storage

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Windows • 6 Comments

With AzCopy v10 the team added a new function to sync folders with Azure Blob Storage. This is great if you have a local folder running on...
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How to Install AzCopy for Azure Storage

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, PowerShell, Windows • 3 Comments

AzCopy is a command-line tool to manage and copy blobs or files to or from a storage account. It...
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Sync Azure Blob Storage with Azure Stack Blob Storage

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, PowerShell • One Comment

There are some scenarios where you want to sync Blob Storage on Azure with Blob Storage on Azure Stack. This easily be done using the...
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