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What is in my bag for Microsoft Ignite

What’s in my bag for Microsoft Ignite 2015

In a couple of hours, I will catch my flight to Chicago with the rest of the itnetx team to join Microsoft Ignite 2015. I am looking forward to it and meet other enthusiasts around Microsoft Cloud solutions and of course, meeting with members of the Microsoft Product Group.

What is in my bag for Microsoft Ignite

  • My primary device is, of course, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, which I use as my 3-in-1 device, replacing my notebook, tablet, and desktop using the Surface Pro 3 Docking Station. Of course, it is running the latest Microsoft Windows 10 Insider Preview. Battery life I get is around 8 hours depending on what I am doing I get even some more.
  • As my day to day phone, I use the Nokia Lumia 930, which is just a perfect device with a great camera to take a picture from the place I travel to and listen to music.
  • Even I like the trackpad of the new Surface Pro 3 Type Cover, and I think I am more productive using a mouse. For that, I got the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition.
  • I also got some Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Audio Headphones to listen to music. I like them because the audio is excellent and they are light and comfortable to wear and the active noise canceling works just great, especially on long flights. The integrated microphone is also pretty important to Lync or Skype for Business calls.
  • When I am at a hotel, and I am working or writing some blog posts, I love to listen to music. For that, I use the Nokia MD-12 wireless Bluetooth speaker.
  • To get some extra power, if I need it, I use the Nokia DC-18 portable Micro USB Charger and a Microsoft Portable Power DC-21.
  • Of course, I am also carrying the Microsoft Band, which helps me tracks the steps I walk during Microsoft Ignite and the limited sleep I get during this event.
  • For presentations, I got a Microsoft Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI and VGA adapter as well as the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, which acts as a Miracast Receiver and is great for presentations.
  • I also carry a USB 3.0, but I don’t use a portable hard drive anymore since I got unlimited storage space on my OneDrive using Office 365.
  • You might think to charge all these devices I need a lot of different power adapters, well that’s not true. I use the power adapter of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, which also has a USB port for charging the phone, speaker, and other stuff.

I am looking forward to Ignite and meet some of you in Chicago.

Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition

Yesterday Microsoft announced the new Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2 with different accessories. Microsoft did also announce the Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition which will be the perfect mouse if you are traveling. I was using the original Arc Touch Mouse all the time until I changed from my notebook to the Surface Pro, because the original Arc Touch Mouse had a wireless connection which used a USB receiver and the Surface Pro only had one USB port. So when I was using the Arc Touch Mouse I couldn’t use another USB device like a Ethernet adapter or a USB flash drive.
The new Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition not only comes in the Surface design, the mouse also uses Bluetooth to connect to the Surface/notebook, and this does solve another issue.

Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2

Surface 2 and Surface Pro announced

Microsoft today unveiled the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2 with some great new features and accessories.


Surface Pro 2

Surface Pro docking station

  • Up to 75% longer battery life
  • Up to 50% more performance
  • The built-in Kickstand now features two positions
  • Up to 512 GB SSD storage
  • Up to 8GB RAM
  • better front and rear camera, perfect for Lync and Skype
  • better screen
  • running Windows 8.1 Pro
  • Free 200GB SkyDrive Storage
  • Free international Skype minutes

Surface 2

Surface 2 Silver

  • Up to 10 hours battery life
  • more performance
  • The built-in Kickstand now features two positions
  • Full HD display
  • USB 3.0
  • silver and black option
  • better front and rear camera, perfect for Lync and Skype
  • running Windows RT 8.1
  • includes Office RT with Outlook RT
  • Free 200GB SkyDrive Storage
  • Free international Skype minutes

New Surface Accessories

  • Touch Cover 2 (thinner with backlit)
  • Type Cover 2 (thinner with backlit)
  • Docking Station for the Surface Pro with speakers
  • Wireless Adapter for Typing Covers
  • Surface Music Kit
  • Arc Touch Mouse | Surface Edition
  • Car Charger with USB Port
  • and more…

I really love the new features and especially the new docking station for the Surface Pro 2. I already wrote about how I am using my Surface Pro daily for work and school and now this release makes it even better for me. The only thing which would it make the perfect device for me would be if it had a larger screen.

With the new setups I am not really sure which one will be the perfect machine on the road. The Surface 2 now gets better performance, USB 3.0, Full HD display, better battery life, and of course it’s already lighter and smaller than the Surface Pro. So this could make the Surface 2 the perfect machine but the Surface Pro still offers the some unique features like the digitizer pen, more performance, more Storage, more RAM, Intel CPU which allows you to run Hyper-V and now the awesome new docking station. So it’s going to be a difficult decision but I really happy with the updates Microsoft delivered to the Surface lineup today.

What’s in my bag for the Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2013

Only a few days left until I catch my flight with Marcel Zehner (MVP System Center Datacenter & Cloud Management) to Redmond for the Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2013. Microsoft invites all MVPs worldwide (approx 4000) for a great week of learning, sharing and networking on the Microsoft Campus. For this week I had to pack some stuff for the flight and the days we will spend and work there.

Bag for Microsoft MVP Summit

  • Nokia Lumia 920 – We sure I need my smartphone and I definitely can use the Pureview camera to create some great shots from Seattle and Redmond.
  • Microsoft Surface RT – I loaded the Surface with a lot of movies for the long flight. The Surface RT should have definitely enough battery life for watching some videos and get some writing done.
  • Zune HD – I already mentioned that I am a huge fan of Microsoft Hardware and I like to have a different music player to save the battery of my Lumia 920.
  • Zune Headphones – I am still impressed by the quality of the Zune Headphones
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 – This is my work machine, a great powerful and light device.
  • WD USB Hard drive – Adding a little more storage to my bag
  • Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse – perfect travel mouse
  • USB Stick with Windows To Go
  • SD Cards – Additional Storage
  • And of course much more…

Btw. I really can’t wait to pick up a Microsoft Surface Pro in one of the Microsoft Stores in Seattle or Bellevue.

New Toys: Microsoft Zune HD and Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Sometimes you just need some new toys to play with. I ordered two new toys. A Microsoft Zune HD with a Docking station which I will use in my living room as “media station” and in my car. The wireless sync is perfect for that, so I can park in front of my flat to sync my Zune.

The second one is the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse. I needed a good mouse for my notebook. Even the Track pad of my HP Elitebook is really great, if you need to work a little more I enjoy using a mouse. First the Arc Touch Mouse is really cool and does not waste a lot of space in my bag.