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CTRL+ALT+AZURE Podcast Exploring Azure Arc with Thomas Maurer


This week I was on the CTRL+ALT+AZURE podcast hosted by Tobias Zimmergen & Jussi Roine to talk about Hybrid Cloud and Azure Arc.

080 – Exploring Azure Arc with Thomas Maurer

In this episode, we invite Microsoft’s Thomas Maurer to talk about Azure Arc. What is it, how does it help us, is it difficult to start with, and what does it cost? Also, Swiss chocolate!

You can find the episode here.

We love working with Azure, and we also love sharing our experiences with the community, our customers, and families (if they choose to listen). Our semi-random chats over coffee gave us the idea to produce this podcast, where we talk more about what’s interesting Azure, and how things can be built on Azure.
Our aim is to bring fresh topics, deep insights, and easily digestible episodes for IT Pros, developers, and techies alike! Feel free to ping us directly should you have any feedback, questions, or ideas.


More here:

I hope you enjoy the CTRL+ALT+AZURE Podcast episode Exploring Azure Arc with Thomas Maurer.

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