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On Demand Webinar: VMM Fabric and Cloud Management by MVP Thomas Maurer

Savision Whitepaper

Together with Savision I worked on a whitepaper about System Center Virtual Machine Manager Fabric Management and Resource Pooling. After the whitepaper was released I also did two webinars where I presented the information from the whitepaper about Fabric and Cloud Management with Virtual Machine Manager.

Now the webinar recording is available for an on demand online.

[cta title=”On Demand Webinar” button=”On Demand Webinar” link=”http://www.savision.com/resources/webinar/demand-webinar-vmm-fabric-management-and-resource-pooling-mvp-thomas-maurer”]On Demand Webinar: VMM Fabric Management and Resource Pooling by MVP Thomas Maurer [/cta]


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