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Server App-V Remote Application Packager available

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With System Center Virtual Machine Manager you could use Server App-V packages to deploy application via VMM Service templates. Before you could deploy a new App-V package the sequencer had to monitor the application installation and created a App-V package. This package could be added to a Service Template and deployed via Virtual Machine Manager.

Today Microsoft announced the availability of the Server App-V Remote Application Packager. The Server App-V Remote Application Packager allows you to package an already installed application following the basic workflow below.

The new Server App-V Remote Application Packager works like this:

  1. Install the Server App-V Sequencer and Remote Application Packager on your sequencing server
  2. Launch the Server App-V Sequencer and select a custom installation workflow
  3. Launch the Remote Application Packager, when the Sequencer is ready for you to run an installer
  4. Provide the machine name with the natively installed applications
  5. Select the applications you want to package and click start
  6. The Sequencer copies over your application and produces a Server App-V package

That easy and your natively installed applications can now enjoy the benefits of easy and flexible deployment using Server App-V and VMM Service Templates.

Get more information on the Server App-V team blog post: Introducing the Server App-V Remote Application Packager and get the Server App-V Remote Application Packager.

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