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Hyper-V Hotfix for Intel Sandy Bridge and Westmere

If you are using Microsoft Hyper-V with new Intel Sandy Bridge or Intel Westmere processors and our server has over 48GB of physical RAM you may get a performance decrease. Microsoft released a hotfix (KB2517329) for this problem.

This could also be a problem with a lot of Hyper-V installations on Cisco UCS, because the most of them will use more than 48GB of memory.

The performance decrease could show its self in the the following issues:

  • The CPU usage is high and the server responds slowly when you copy large files on the computer. For example, you copy a 10-GB file
  • The disk I/O performance of the virtual machines (VMs) is slow
  • Windows takes a long time to start

The hotfix is not include in Service Pack 1 for Hpyer-V R2 or Windows Server 2008 R2.

For more information about this you can check KB2517329

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